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This November, we’ll give thanks by giving back.


Have you ever just known you’ve wanted to do something?


We have known since starting Mi.iM that we wanted to empower inspiring women.

Women that don’t take no for an answer. Women that are powerful fighters in their own right. Women that don’t give up when everything else tells them to.

These women inspire our everyday mission at Mi.iM.

That’s why when we met Kim White, we knew this was a woman we wanted to back.

At the age of just 26, Kim White got a diagnosis that would change her life forever: stage IV adrenocortical carcinoma.

As a young mom, her battle opened her eyes to the overwhelming struggles that come with being a mom with cancer. The cooking, cleaning and childcare that’s suddenly not so easy.

Kim was struck with an idea. She wanted to create a charity - knowing she was only getting through her battle with the help of family and friends who she calls her “angels” - that would provide all of these things to other moms fighting this battle.

When she first came up with this plan, she was told that she needed to “just take it easy”. But that fired her up instead.

Kim’s drive and determination inspired us just like that the moment we heard about it.

Now, Lifted by Angels is in its second year of operation, and we want to help Kim (and all the other moms fighting) to continue their mission.

And this year, we knew we wanted to give back in the biggest way we could. So we’ve partnered with Lifted By Angels this November.

With your support, we’ll be donating 50% of all retail sales for the month of November to Lifted By Angels.

Lifted By Angels is Utah based and goes above and beyond providing support for childcare, cooking, and cleaning. It helps to forward love and compassion on to other moms facing similar situations.

Join us in supporting a boss babe?

Giving back is easy - just buy a pair of shoes this November.