Miracle Miles Inc. Ethical Standards

We are meant to grow together. This means prioritizing the well being of our people, minimizing the impact on the environment and creating products that bring joy to our customers.


As a women owned and founded business we’re invested in seeing the glass ceiling broken regularly. Every one of our employees (in the U.S. or abroad) are paid beyond the “living wage” - this means we offer a competitive salary that allows for a high standard of life and enough left over for personal savings. We provide health insurance and offer training & higher education opportunities at every level.

Whether in the US or abroad we are committed to providing a healthy work environment where our team is not only happy, but thriving.


Our designers meticulously select materials, obsess over fit, and carefully consider the style and comfort of every product. All our products are designed in the United States - then sent to our China offices to be refined and produced. Inspected at minimum five times before they are shipped from our warehouse, we take pride in creating high quality products that exceed expectations in every aspect.


100% of our packaging and inserts is made from recycled materials and any production waste is hand sorted and recycled.  


Do you practice sustainability or have any "green" initiatives?

  • Yes, we use 100% Recycled materials for packaging and inserts and ensure all waste is sorted and delivered to the appropriate recycling centers. We are always looking for new ways to improve our practices and welcome any suggestions (contact link)

Do you employ child labor?

  • Absolutely not.

Where do you source your materials from?

  • Every material is meticulously chosen for its specific qualities, so our materials are sourced from various locations based on the specific need. The majority of our materials comes from China, India, and Italy.

Do you make factory site visits often to check the well-being of your employees and your vendors employees?

  • Yes we are either on site or visit frequently to ensure employee happiness, safety, and satisfaction. We have regular visits to our vendor sites as well to ensure quality control and assess working conditions.

Where are you products made?

  • All our products are designed in the United States - then sent to our China offices to be refined and produced.